"Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit" - Joseph Pilates

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Meet Sarah

About Sarah

Sarah was born in England but spent the best part of her life in Africa and the Middle East. Most of her childhood was spent travelling to many varied countries, which has led her to develop a respect and appreciation for people from all walks of life.  
Sarah qualified as a Sports Therapist in the UK, then returned to Botswana where she set up a thriving therapy practise alongside 2 Physiotherapists and a Chiropractor. It was during this time that she discovered Pilates and went on to study with STOTT PILATES®. Through Pilates she was able to rehabilitate her clients in a faster and more efficient manner. Sarah then spent 13 years in Dubai, teaching in and managing 2 of the city's most prestigious studios, Zen Yoga and Naya Yoga & Pilates. Over the next few years she honed her Pilates skills and added more equipment and knowledge to her repertoire. Sarah has over 20 years of experience in the field of Pilates and can accommodate a vast range of client abilities and needs, from general fitness to more rehabilitative, clinical exercise.


  • STOTT PILATES® Matwork Level 3
  • STOTT PILATES® Pre & Postnatal
  • BALANCED BODY Reformer, Trapeze/ Tower (Cadillac) & Barrels
  • IIST Sports Therapy (Masters)
  • IIHHT Holistic Therapy
  • YMCA Resistance Training Level 3


Pilates Mat

Matwork Pilates classes are conducted on the mat, utilising your own body weight at first and then adding some small apparatus to add resistance and make the exercises more challenging as the class progresses –including foam rollers, therabands, weight balls, pilates rings, and more. 

Pilates Reformer
Reformer Pilates uses a bed-like frame that has different weighted spring combinations to create resistance when moving. This type of Pilates is great for targeting small muscle groups. Whether you're new to Reformer or a seasoned veteran, we can tailor each class to your fitness goals and experience. 
Pre & Postnatal
Whether you're preparing to have a baby, or you've recently given birth, Pilates can help give you the mental and physical strength you need. Prenatal Pilates focuses on reinforcing the deep layer of muscle that acts as the support system in your body. Postnatal Pilates helps accelerate your recovery and addresses common postpartum issues.

Pilates for Kids & Teens

Pilates – a fun, safe and low impact workout – can work wonders for your child’s wellbeing. The description and names of poses are inventive and encourage imagination in young minds. Kids play at standing like a tree, scrabbling like a crab, or sitting like a frog as they develop the following skills. Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise that everyone can do at their own pace and level. There is no need to worry about keeping up with those at the top of the class and lessons can be tailored to suit.

Improved: concentration,  relaxation through breath, sleep quality, balance, coordination, confidence, posture, aid in correcting postural conditions such as Scoliosis

Take your training up a notch with TRX. Whether beginning a fitness journey or pushing towards your summit, TRX Training helps you to move better, feel better, and live better. Independent science shows that Suspension Training® provides muscular and cardiovascular benefits that can amount to a “tremendous impact on an
individual’s overall health.”

Clinical Pilates


Group classes

£15pp/ 1 hour class

Package of 5 group classes


Valid 2 months
Package of 10 group classes


Valid 4 months
Studio 1:2:1 session

£65/ hour

Valid 1 month
A single one to one
Pilates class tailored to your body.

5 Studio 1:2:1 classes


Valid 2 months

10 Studio 1:2:1 classes


Valid 4 months

Duet Studio session


Valid 1 month

A single one to one
Pilates class tailored to your body.

5 Duet Studio sessions


Valid 2 months

10 Duet Studio sessions


Valid 4 months

Home 1:2:1 session


Valid 1 month

A single one to one
Pilates class tailored to your body.

5 Home 1:2:1 sessions


Valid 2 months

10 Home 1:2:1 sessions


Valid 4 months
Home Duet 1:2:1 session

£100/hr (£45pp)

Valid 1 month

A single one to one

Pilates class tailored to your body.

5 Home Duets 1:2:1 session


Valid 2 months

10 Home Duets 1:2:1 session


Valid 4 months

Trios and small groups can also be scheduled at home. POA

Studio Group class schedule
All group class are held at Loudwater Farm, Loudwater Lane, Loudwater, Rickmansworth, WD3 4HG


9.30 - 10.30amLevel 2/ 3 Pilates Mat

12 - 1pm Level 2/ 3 Pilates Mat


Private Sessions


9.30 - 10.30am Level 2/3 Pilates Mat


Private Sessions


9.30 - 10.30am Level 1/ 2 Pilates Mat

12 - 1pm Level 2 Pilates Mat


Salina- Dubai

I first did Pilates with Sarah over 1o years ago. We began with Mat and then then added Reformer, it was a game changer for me in terms of my fitness routine, posture and overall well being. She taught me through my pregnancy and afterwards as well. Her nature is kind, supportive and always professional, she kicks ass too! 

Anne - Beirut/ London

I was introduced to Pilates classes by Sarah a couple of years ago; mat first, then Reformer and Cadillac. I have arthritis and had a hip replacement a while ago and was very stiff. I really appreciated her expertise; she builds up your confidence and is genuinely interested in your well being. I stand straighter, feel less stiff and have more energy. Covid has rather messed up my routine and I can't wait to get back to a more regular programme. Thank you so much Sarah for giving me such a wonderful introduction to Pilates - I couldn't have been luckier and would never have done it without you!

Jude - Beirut/ London

Suffering from extreme back pain and stiffness due to a desk job, her Reformer classes totally revived me! I was able to strengthen my core and back muscles, which made sitting at my desk a lot more bearable. I then began private mat classes and here I learnt how to maximise my posture so much more. I was also able to take the knowledge I learnt in Pilates into my Gym workouts, they changed totally! Sarah has been fantastic, professional and always motivating. 

Pamela - Northwood

Sarah is a delightful teacher infact the best, I have experienced in the past 30 years. I would give her a 100% without question. 

Jenny - Loudwater

Sarah is a fabulous pilates teacher and I could not recommend her highly enough. Her extensive knowledge and individual commitment to each one of her pupils is the very best.

Wendy  - MoorPark

I have been enjoying Sarah’s Pilates classes for over a year. She is really good at adapting the class and individual exercises for our needs and works round injuries. Sarah is full of positivity and enthusiasm and I always look forward to the Pilates class.

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